Some of you may notice that I don't work at Gimli New Horizons 55+ any longer. After a long
and very enjoyable 7 years at Gimli New Horizons, the Board of Directors in November of 2016
(or at least some of them) decided that my time was up at the Centre. Finding myself all of a sudden standing in the Unemployment Line I decided to offer my computer services to the many good people that I was privileged to know over those years, and the rest of Gimli too, for that matter.
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Chris Mulroy
Tel.: 204-389-4930
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Also, if you happen to know of anyone who needs a Tech Person / Desktop Publisher / Graphic Artist / Statistical Analyst / Office person / Website designer (apparently, took a few hours to put this together) send a note or email,
I could really use a new job...
If your computer isn't working well give me a call, I'll see what I can do to fix it.
If you know me from New Horizons and you just want to chat or even just reconnect I'm only a phone call away.
Always happy to chat about current events or whatever else is on your mind. If I'm home I'll answer, if not leave a message and I will get back to you as quick as I can.
Located in Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba. My service area includes Winnipeg Beach, Matlock,& Gimli to the South and pretty much as far out as Arnes towards the North.
I realize the irony that if your computer is broken, you may not be able to read this message but I'm hoping a friend or relative will be kind enough to pass it along to you.
Over the years I found that some of the 55+ crowd seem to have a particular struggle with all the new technology that seems to invade our lives. If you need help with your computers, laptops or other gadgets, please give me a call. I will do my best to make sure your problem is solved, but failing that, I won't charge you if I can't fix it. I will come out and check what's wrong with your computer and let you know what your options are.
Having Problems with your Computer or other gadgets?
Always wanted your own "Computer Guy"??
I'm quite likely going to be offering one-on-one computer lessons starting in the Fall of 2017. My plan is to charge an hourly fee to answer any questions a customer might have. This could mean helping with a specific project, troubleshooting a system that isn't working properly, or help with creating accounts if that's what's needed. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, give me a call.